The Embrey Story

We believe there is nobility in creating places where people want to be. We are driven by the exceptional, where design and attention to detail join innovative thinking, quality craftsmanship, and impeccable service. We strive to create value in everything we do.

Since 1974 EMBREY has built a record of accomplishment. Our market experience and success is hard to match in our industry. Our senior leadership team is seasoned and ranks among the longest tenured group of executives in the business. Combine that experience with rigorous research and analysis, creative approaches to opportunities and challenges, a transparent and steadfast commitment to always do the right thing – and you get The EMBREY Way.

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Market Experience

Our experience in different markets spans more than six states. Working with multiple municipalities enables us to achieve goals and meet standards of excellence no matter the environment.


Over the years, we’ve built relationships that are as solid as our developments. Investors, as well as financial partners, contractors, suppliers, and many others, are attracted to our creativity, quality, and integrity. Those core values are why, over the past several decades, repeat business has played a large role in new successful ventures.